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Personal Conversations

Shirley Moulton, founder of The Academi of Life, offers one-on-one, confidential, conversation sessions for individuals who simply want to chat. Perhaps you want to talk about your work, your family, your life, your relationship, your friends, your money or anything that matters.

Shirley is a woman who strives to live her life as a masterpiece of joy and loves helping others do the same. Combining years of life lesson experiences, spiritual study, and teachings from thought leaders past and present, Shirley’s wise ear has the ability to customize The Academi of Life experience.

Experience an authentic conversation with a compassionate warrior, an empathetic listener and a true curator of wisdom.

I believe it’s our divine right to be happy, and our happiness ensues from a life lived with purpose and meaning.” – Shirley Moulton

Business Conversations

Academi followers and business owners, realizing the heightened importance of understanding their finances during the current economic climate, have requested conversation sessions for individuals who want to understand their financial statements in a private setting. So The Academi of Life is doing just that!

In these one-on-one conversations you will learn how to understand your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement in a stress- and judgment-free environment. You will also learn the rudiments of cash management, retained earnings and the difference between profit and cash flow.

These sessions will be conducted in plain English and you will get a plain English understanding of basic business financial terminology. We will share the most relevant bottom-line principles, insight, and questions to ask your accounting personnel– even when you don’t understand what you are asking– to evaluate their work!

The fee for the service is $195 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum. Discovering the truth about your finances is ultimately a part of discovering the truth about yourself.

Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.”

The Business Conversations sessions will be lead by Shirley Moulton, the Founder of The Academi of Life. Moulton has an MBA in Finance and has worked for almost a decade in corporate financial management. She has over 29 years of entrepreneurial experience, during which she co-founded and led a multi-million dollar technology firm for 22 years, which she sold in 2005. She was an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist for three consecutive years. Moulton also serves as Vice Chair of the Board of the Women’s Presidents Organization (WPO), a NYC organization of over 1,500 women business owners in five countries.

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