Conscious money: making financial choices that reflect our values and awareness.
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Conscious Money: making financial choices that reflect our values and awareness.

We all know the current global economic system is severely troubled. Most people believe that corporate greed plays a major role in today’s economic turmoil and that human values are lacking in business decisions and actions. Money worries top the list of many people.

Patricia Aburdene one of the world’s leading social forecasters and co-author of four Megatrends books with John Naisbitt—including the New York Times bestseller Megatrends 2000, has discovered another emerging megatrend which she describes in her latest book, Conscious Money.

She believes that if you look below the surface of the current economic disaster, there is a holistic, values-based economic transformation underway opening the door to a new era that can bring fulfillment and prosperity. This emerging megatrend she calls: Conscious Money. Conscious Money is a growing movement of people who draw on values, creativity, and the power of human consciousness to clarify and guide their financial choices.

Join us for this new, profound and life-changing conversation as Patricia shares how you can make financial choices that reflect your values by:

  • Identifying your unique personal values
  • Breaking down barriers to financial success
  • Partnering & working for companies that reflect your values
  • Expressing your values through conscious shopping
  • Investing in enterprises that honor the planet

Patricia has discovered that people want their money life (where they earn, spend and invest their money) to better reflect the values espoused in their personal and spiritual lives. They want to make financial choices that reflect their values and awareness. They also want to develop a new economy and a way of life that grows out of their true values.

"We have a new economic era now – where sustainable values and the genius of human consciousness outperform fear and greed."
– Marianne Williamson

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Join us for a special evening as Patricia Aburdene takes us on a journey of understanding her latest megatrend – Conscious Money – how to make financial choices that are consistent with our values. She guides us on how to achieve prosperity through ethical conscious money choices and helps us understand how we can achieve financial stability without sacrificing our values.

For the past twenty-five years, Patricia Aburdene has helped millions of people and thousands of companies make the most of social change. She co-authored, four Megatrends books (over fourteen million copies sold) with John Naisbitt—including the New York Times bestseller Megatrends 2000. She is a highly respected speaker and lectures around the world on global trends.

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Following Aburdene’s conversation Jason Apollo Voss, Author, CFA Institute Content Director, Former Funds Manager and Conscious Capitalist will share some ideas about conscious investing from his book The Intuitive Investor. Jason is a person with that rare gift of innate balance, a mind equal part creative and analytical, a personality equal parts heart and head. Jason is featured in Patricia’s book Conscious Money.

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Patricia will be available to sign her book following the conversation. Conscious Money will be released on September 25th and will be available for purchase at the event.

Perfect timing. In an era when most of us question “economics as usual,” Conscious Money charts a personalized strategy for embracing human values as the cornerstone of sustainable finance. This is a rare and winning blend of inspiration, information, and wisdom.’
– Amy Domini
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