: How To Have a Meaningful Intimate Conversation
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Tired of the meaningless and idle chatter – how is the weather what did you have for dinner last night? Do you yearn to get to know someone and create a sense of intimacy, in as little as an hour?

In the well-known intimacy study by psychologist Arthur Aron, he explores whether intimacy between two strangers can be accelerated by having them ask each other a specific series of 36 personal questions. We will try out a few at this conversation dinner. So, join us and learn how to ask questions that will lead to meaningful conversations and build meaningful relationships. Come and be vulnerable and open with us, because we know that mutual vulnerability fosters closeness.

The conversation will be led by Evan Shulman who recently decided that he could no longer have meaningless conversations…and vowed that everyday he would make sure that he engages in at least one meaningful conversation – one that mattered – one that made him feel more connected and more alive.

Evan agrees that life is a musical thing: his composition is part academic, part innovator, and all humanist. He was first trained in systems thinking through the Human Complex Systems minor at UCLA, where he graduated with honors and a degree in Cognitive Science. Systems, consciousness, and how we humans fit into it all have run through his mind ever since.

In April 2014, he left his technical services job of four years at Google, where he had been simplifying complex products for over 1,000 clients as an analyst and trainer. He also acted as a social intrapreneur, connecting social enterprises to Google resources, developing innovative partnerships, and seeking to use Google’s assets to maximize societal impact.

Evan’s systems thinking, focus on people, and passion for effective methods for systemic societal change led him to the Centre for Social Innovation. But ultimately, Evan sees himself as but another Earthonaut here on Spaceship Earth, exploring and studying this great planet and its inhabitants to help craft a better human experience for all.

How To Have a Meaningful Intimate Conversation

How To Have A Meaningful, Intimate Conversation

Have you ever counted the number of people you’ve ‘spoken to’ in one day? How many of those conversations, were brief, going-through-the-motions exchanges of words? How many were open, honest conversations?

We have lost the art of conversation and at The ACADEMi of Life we are bringing it back. Having meaningful face to face conversations is essential to improving our well-being and essential to making the world a better place.

In an intimate, one-table setting, we create an atmosphere of unobstructed dialogue and self-discovery through the simple act of getting to know all the guests at the table.

We can host only 12 persons per dinner so register early. Bring a friend. We look forward to you dinning with us. Conversation Dinners can also be arranged exclusively for groups, corporations and non-profit organizations. Please e-mail us at info@theacademioflife.com to discuss.


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