July 20, 2016
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By Dawn C. Moulton
I have a certain way of seeing people. I run them through my internal dialogue and out pops my perspective. There are times when my perspective stems from how I was brought up, my belief systems, or my experiences in life - things people do. Unfortunately, I also have to add insecurities to the list of the origination of my perspectives. When my perspective stems from my insecurities, get ready for totally delusional thought patterns where deductive reasoning, any reasoning at all, flies straight out the window. It's not something I want to readily admit, that the way I see things is clouded by my insecurities, or fears. I pride myself on being a rational person, one who values facts. But when I dig really deep, I realize what I see, my perception, is sometimes based on my baggage from whichever story of the month I am telling myself. And do I have baggage to shape my stories! So where should I start with insecurities that cloud my thinking/my perspective? Oh, I've got a big one. My parenting insecurity. Whatever happens with my child is filtered through my internal dialogue. Am I being a good parent? Am I doing it right? Am I going to mess up my child? That's the dialogue I have deep down. I am constantly agonizing about how I am doing as a parent. And if my perspective is not being shaped by my insecurities, I may take my preconceived notions for a spin. Where what I see, what I perceive, is preset. The story that runs in my head dictates what I see, dictates my.....read more
June 18, 2016
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By Sharon Lewis
True to the theme of his new book, 64 shots : Leadership in a Crazy World, Kevin Roberts, leadership expert and Saatchi and Saatchi Chairman walked on stage and proceeded to punch out a series of anecdotes about leadership that were relevant and important for all generations. Moderating the conversation was Alexis Glick. The event, held on Wednesday June 15, was created and hosted by The Academi of Life and held at The Center for Social Innovation. Listening to the conversation, one could not help but sit on the edge of their seat, reflecting a similar stance that Kevin took as he spoke about Leadership in a Crazy World. So, why now? What is different about today’s leadership requirements? Instant. Constant. Connected. Three words describing today environment where “the medium is the consumer” and measurements of success are correlated to the speed at which you learn, fail and fix. The military coined the term VUCA to describe a methodology that goes beyond strategy to real time situation management. In military terms, the acronym stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. For Roberts, the business leadership definition of VUCA is Vibrant, Unreal, Crazy (as in one person with one idea can change the world) and Astounding (as in speed). To both the military leaders and the business leaders, the message is blunt: Stop strategizing and assessing what actions to take. Be ready to do it NOW. Everyone, Everyone, Everyone Needs a Plan We are all quick.....read more

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