May 21, 2016
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By Dawn Moulton
As I get older, I am recognizing that on my journey of seeking love, peace and harmony, there are times when I don't communicate well at all. I try to avoid things or call it picking my battle or simply say, I don't want to deal with it. But, for my mental health, I don't have that luxury because whether I choose to deal with "it," or not, somehow "it" ends up dealing with me. Unresolved issues have a way of seeping out when I least expect them. So, I am an advocate of- rock the boat, tip the boat over- in other words, "just say it." Why just say it? Because sometimes we need to get things off our chest instead of them having the internal volcano effect. Case in point, I know a woman in her fifties who is scared to have a conversation with her mom about who her real father is because the person she was told doesn't add up. She thinks it's not the kind of conversation you should have with your mother. I think, if not her, then who? Why just say it? Because sometimes we tell ourselves stories that may be very different from what is actually happening. Here is an example of one of those times. My son is responsible for taking out the garbage. Week after week I "corrected," without him seeing me, the way he placed the handle of the garbage bin. In my mind, to help the garbage collectors, the handle should face the street so they can grab it easily. I am thinking to myself, why doesn't he pay attention, be more considerate? I eventually asked him why he didn't place more
April 26, 2016
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By Dawn Moulton

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