Rewire Your Brain and Body for Elite Performance
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Learn from one of the Nation’s Leading Peak Performance Scientists

Rewire Your Brain and Body for Elite Performance

During the past decade, the science of peak performance has exploded. Scientists now understand what occurs to our brains and bodies when we operate in a peak performance or flow state. This, in turn, has dramatically expanded our understanding of how we can profoundly rewire our brains and bodies for optimized performance.

In this fast-paced, exciting and intensive hands-on 2 day workshop, executives learn how to apply the science of peak performance to their own leadership style and life skills. Dr David Bach a Harvard-trained scientist and physician will guide you through the emerging landscape of cutting-edge peak performance science. He will teach you easy-to-learn techniques to rewire your own brain and body and begin a transformational journey that will impact all areas of your life.

This program is A MUST for leaders at all levels who need to operate at their best. The workshop’s exercises require active engagement and can, at times, be rigorous. The workshop will feature scientifically validated methodologies as well as cutting-edge, hands-on technologies.

- Gathering qualitative and quantitative information about your stress, energy and interpersonal power to develop baseline data

- A brief review of basic rewiring science principles

- Tracking and analysis of core neurophysiological measures including heart rate variability, breathing and EEG patterns linked to stress, alertness and group flow that will give you insights into your brain and body

- Biofeedback and induction – to get an edge in rewiring your brain - Highly experiential and fun interactive processes

- Follow-up program, including a support group and tracking tools


This workshop, in combination with the 30-Day Follow-up Program, is designed to help you produce dramatic and measurable improvements in three specific areas:

  • Beyond Mindfulness: Finding Your "Flow" State: Training your brain and body to get to that “other place” where, in the face of massive stress, you stay calm and centered.
  • Alertness and Energy Management: Teaching you new tools and techniques to measure and dramatically improve your energy and productivity.
  • Interpersonal and Organizational Power: How to rewire your brain and body to optimize interpersonal interactions, which will enhance your leadership capabilities, charisma and interpersonal effectiveness.

The 30-Day “Rewiring” Follow-up Program: After the workshop, to ensure that your brain has been effectively rewired, you will be guided through Dr. Bach’s Follow-up Program, where you will learn how to track key metrics about your stress and energy levels through targeted daily practices.

Personalized call with Dr. Bach: After the workshop, participants will be given a 30-minute call with Dr. Bach to discuss goals and progress.

There have been many defining moments in human history. We are fortunate to live in a time when we can instigate our own evolution. We are finally in a place where we have the tools to enhance our performance with the power of our intellect. It takes a first step. We sincerely hope you’ll join those who have already experienced this transformation on a journey of discovery and optimization so you can begin to enjoy the incredible benefits of optimal performance.

If you want to achieve maximum potential—in areas including productivity, mental capacity, energy, memory, sleep, and physical capacity, DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS LIFE-CHANGING OPPORTUNITY. REGISTER TODAY. 

This weekend workshop will put you firmly on the path to a rewired life with less stress, greater focus and measurably elevated performance. November 5, 2016 from 9am-5pm and November 6, 2016 from 10am-2pm. Manhattan venue will be shared once you register. Limited strictly to 15 participants. 


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,  Dr. David Bach 

Dr. Bach is a Harvard-trained scientist, physician, and serial entrepreneur who has started and built three $100 million companies. He has also been a competitive martial artist and a professional cellist. After a decade-long quest to maximize his own physical and mental performance, Dr. Bach founded The Platypus Institute with two objectives: to bring scientific rigor to the rapidly growing field of human performance optimization, and to help others embrace and benefit from his findings. Using cutting-edge neuroscience, he counsels athletes, business professionals, and top executives to rewire their brains and bodies so they can play at the top of their game.

“To find real power and achievement, you must push beyond your fears to discover your true potential.” Dr. David Bach

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