We have lost the art of conversation and we are bringing it back. Having meaningful face to face conversations is essential to our well-being and essential to making the world a better place. We need to talk!

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Evening's Conversation: Do you secretly dream about being in a meaningful, lasting, fulfilling relationship? One that feels easy, harmonious, safe, vulnerable, and deeply connected … and you are able to experience true intimacy. Relationships are important and essential in our lives, yet many of us are not yet successful at it, but “we keep loving anyway -- we laugh and we cry and we break and we make our mistakes” – but we are all willing to “wait for it.” If you can relate, then join us and discover: 3 Love-Magnet Secrets to healthy dating and meeting that special someone The spiritual meaning of a break-up -- what it’s trying to teach you How to grow and attract the love you deserve Feng Shui practices to invite lasting love into your life At this fun, enlightening and provocative evening, you will learn why you shouldn't  give up on love and how the universe is actually conspiring to bring your true, healthy love. Each attendee will receive a special Valentine's Day gift. The conversation will be moderated by Sarika Jain. Sarika is a Love & Relationship Coach for people who have it all, except a loving relationship with a life partner. She uses a personalized and holistic approach to partner with individuals to break through painful relationship patterns; heal their hearts; and learn relationship skills to attract healthy joyful and loving relationships. Sarika is like any other New York City woman – driven and accomplished. After years at Merrill Lynch and the World Bank, she received her MBA from University of Pennsylvania and joined Bain & Company, where she helped transform businesses. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"- David Bowie.
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Social Disruption – Can You Handle It? Marriage is being disrupted. Once upon a time in America, marriage was the norm for adults. But now, for the first time since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking these numbers in 1976, there are more single Americans than people who are married. About 50.2 percent — or 124.6 million American adults — are single. Gender is being disrupted. The University of Vermont recently established a third category that students can identify as – it’s called ‘neutral gender.’ In this system people can choose a gender in adulthood, whereas our current system assigns everyone a gender at birth. The family is being disrupted. The modern family is the new normal -- traditional families are history. Media is being disrupted. There is a new balance of power online - the rising power of social network movements, the creation of online video ‘celebrities,' musicians, writers and more. Business is being disrupted.  With the rate of change going on, do you think your company will be around in the next 5 years? Futurist, Dr. Peter H. Diamandis believes that 40% of fortune 500 will be gone in 10 years. We are in the middle of significant shifts. The world has changed and will continue to change rapidly. Have we humans really caught up with or understand this incredible transformation? How do we adapt to this changing world and even thrive in it? What are the opportunities? Is disruption simply the theory of evolution? Let’s talk. The conversation will be co-moderated by Sarika Jain. Sarika Jain is a trusted business and personal transformation advisor with several years of experience in the corporate strategy, facilitation and coaching space. She works with people and organizations on defining their vision, removing limiting belief systems, and successfully executing strategic plans, with a focus on gaining insight, meaning and purpose during the process. Sarika has a background in engineering, international development and management consulting, and is a Wharton MBA graduate, and has worked with Merrill Lynch, The World Bank, Bain & Co and Yahoo!.
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