Create The Loving Relationship You Want
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Create The Love Relationship You Want: It’s in the Cards

Create The Loving Relationship You Want

Instead of unconsciously brewing resentment and bitterness, gain the tools to consciously create understanding, compassion, and love.

It comes when we read the ancient Book of Life.

The deck of 52 playing cards is actually the ancient Book of Life. It’s been hidden in plain sight all this time. And based on the numbers of our date of birth, we each are born with 13 cards to play.

When we know how to read these Cards, we know how to read our lives.

And, in our Cards, we can read our relationships too. This knowledge takes the lessons of Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus and The Five Love Languages to another level of clarity and self-empowerment.

Knowing our Cards to play:

  • offers crystal-clear awareness about our patterns of love, so we can past superficial defenses to actually see each other clearly.
  • shows us exactly what our love languages are so we know how to communicate love in our relationships.

You will walk away from this class knowing:

  • How to manifest the loving partner you really want.
  • What your love languages are.
  • What are the love languages of the people you love.
  • How to create loving synergy in all your relationships.
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This class will be taught by life partners Alexander Hamilton Dunlop and Viki Lynn Scudiery.

Alexander Dunlop is a Guide and Teacher who empowers you to master your inner game, so you shine your brightest light and make your greatest impact. He is the best-selling author of the book, Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide To Life On Earth. He is also the creator of the Life Elevated Foundation (  Alexander has been trained as a Roman Catholic priest, initiated as a Swami in India, and apprenticed to Indigenous Shamans. He is a Harvard graduate and former Wall Street consultant. He lives in Brooklyn with his soulmate and two children.

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