From time to time generous individuals have contributed to The Academi of Life, simply because they believe in the work we are doing and they also believe in the social reward of helping someone do something good. Needless to say, we are beyond grateful for their kind support.

There are different ways people can support us: through lifetime memberships, which are privately solicited, periodic crowd-funding campaigns or our annual giving program. We would like to acknowledge individuals and corporations, who have so generously contributed to our crowd-funding campaigns, became lifetime members, funded our annual giving program or sponsored events.



In the current volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous (VUCA) world, people are seeking new ways to cope with their everyday lives. The hunger is undeniable. In this decade “we will stop thinking about filling our closets, and look to feed our inner self.” In these disillusioned times, many of us are suddenly desperate for tools to help us live lives that are more joyful, more meaningful and have a higher purpose. What we are offering reflects a new mood of soul-searching, a desire for self-inquiry and authenticity. New information from the social network people say that, ‘the profile we look at the most is our own. We are very interested in how we present ourselves to the world. But perhaps more important, we are interested in trying to figure out ourselves.’

We find that individuals currently attending events at The ACADEMi are aspirants committed to self-mastery and a balanced life. They are wiser and are curious lifelong learners who are eager to discuss ideas to discover and perfect their inner lives. Since our 2010 launch, thousands of people have taken part in our programs. We’ve helped countless people change their careers, start new businesses, deepen and repair their relationships, develop their personal resilience and empathy, learn new skills from singing to meditation, explore their creative sides, have new adventures and make new friends.

The conversational events being offered by The ACADEMi of Life stimulate thinking and deepen and enrich the lives of our attendees, giving them a better understanding of themselves and others thus making the world a better place.

Your support will provide the vital services that will allow us to grow and develop our transformational programs locally and nationally. As a supporter you would become a friend of the ACADEMi and we look forward to you helping us grow and develop our social enterprise. You are an essential partner.

Thank you for any contribution that you’re willing to make towards our programs and we will be privileged to put your kindness into action.

Look out for details on our upcoming membership program.


Anthony Sciacca

John Bernard

Greg Nelson

Paulette Moulton

Lorna McClaren

Diane McArter

Kurt Sampson

Megan Moulton-Levy

Natalie Moulton-Levy

Jeanette Jin

Geri Tigner

Stephanie Ackler

Richard Downer

Sandi Webster

Gary Wasserman

Katrina Moss

Paula Cole

Pauline Young-Eisendrath

Mary Leslie Smith

Sharon Combs

Marie Deeble Walker

Linda Hamilton

Bisila Bokoko

Beth Grossman

Elsie Maio

Rinaldo Frattolillo

Qimat Goyal

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