Money & Life: Demystifying Financial Statements for SBO
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Everything you wanted to know about financial statements but were afraid to ask.

Money & Life: Demystifying Financial Statements for Small Business Owners


Everything you wanted to know about financial statements but were afraid to ask. For new and old business owners ... and the curious.

Are You Afraid of Your Financial Statements?

I have spent a lot of time with business owners over the past 29 years and realized that many have a great instinct for business and are usually very successful. They get very excited when they talked about the product or service they are selling. But when the topic changed to the financial end of the business most got very quiet and uncomfortable.

Most when questioned about the financial statements will say, "I am not really interested in that stuff, I have people in my office who knows that stuff'. The truth is YOU need to know that's critical, because if you don't, you are a sitting duck waiting to be taken advantage of.

In these challenging economic times, the importance of learning how to read a financial statement is a business imperative. As such, we have decided that this is an important 'Life' skill that should be offered at The ACADEMi of Life.

So we are including this service in our Life & Money series. We will offer private one on one session for business owners to sit down with us and ask ANY question they want without feeling the pressure of judgment from their peers. How many workshops, courses, and webinars have you attended on this subject, yet you walk away with unanswered questions! There are NO stupid questions in these sessions. This is a judgment free environment.

Register today for this important and valuable life skill.

Sessions offered Monday-Friday between the hours of 12pm - 7:00 pm for 90 minutes per session for the price of $349.00. Once you register you can schedule date and time.

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The private course will be taught by Shirley Moulton, a serial entrepreneur, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, who was born in Jamaica, W.I. and now lives in New York City.

After 22 years as CEO of a technology firm, she decided to follow a vastly different path, one more consistent with her passion and purpose. Moulton passionately believes that our lives can be lived as masterpieces of joy and that there is no work more important than the inner personal development and the mental and emotional well-being of a human being.

She is currently working on a book: “Survival of the Happiest: A Guide to Becoming a Human Being.” She is the founder of The ACADEMi of Life, co-creator of a guided meditation for work tool called ‘The Joy of Being’ and is the developer of the TUCK BOX a high-end memorabilia of love and nostalgia.

Moulton is Vice Chair of the Board and also a member of The Women Presidents Organization — an organization with almost 2000 women business owners in 8 countries. She holds an MBA in Finance.

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