June 18, 2017
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By Nonaine Levy & Dawn Moulton
As a parent, what you want for your child is for them to be better and brighter than you or your parents. Often, through our children we believe we can actualize dreams that we have not fulfilled ourselves. We also have this expectation that if we are great, our children must be better. The problem with that is we cannot choose which portions of our DNA will be expressed in our little ones. What if you are a parent who is a genius? Remember, there are all different of types of genius. Musical, kinesthetic, fine arts, spiritual, literary, culinary, spatial, mathematical, the list is endless. If you are a MENSA parent, or are a genius in a particular area such as being a virtuoso or maestro, raising an average child can be extremely difficult. When your child's brain function completely different than your brain of course it is frustrating. If you are a noted writer and your young one struggles in English, it can be tortuous to watch them work. Yet, if you believe you are a genius but cannot find a way to relate to your child, in fact, how genius are you? Try to reach your children through their particular interests. All children will display interest or aptitude in some given activity. If you have a child who loves automobiles, use cars as the platform from which to teach them everything. From colors, counting to the principals of physics. Now, we realize that certain children with autism spectrum disorders can be reached through their interests and taught. There.....read more
April 15, 2017
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By Dawn C. Moulton
Choice. It sounds like so much freedom - the ability to decide what we do. Sounds like, we analyze things and come up with a decision. But do we really do that? Do we really behave as if, at every moment, we have a choice? Do we exercise our choice when something happens, or, do our habits, customs, upbringing, circumstances, feelings and thoughts choose our response? Choice sounds great, but in my personal life, choices have been hard to make. Too many times, I allow my circumstance to make the decision for me. Before I can make any choice, I have to be able to see that choice. For example, before I was able to lose my belly fat (some of it), I had to think that I could. Thinking my stomach could never be flat again, because I had a baby, was the thought I lived by for 18 years!!! Finally, after believing I could lose belly fat, thinking it was possible, broke down the barrier my thought had created. I had to reject a previous thought to be able to choose. That is just one example of a time when I didn't even see a choice. There are also other times, when I don't see a choice. When I am angry or in pain from being hurt, I can get so overwhelmed. Then, like an automatic response - pain, anger, hurt - lash out. I do not recognize the choice I have to respond differently. And I am happy to justify my response based on my circumstances. Other times, I am too busy putting one foot in front of the other, going through the motions, coping, responding like I usually do.....read more

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