August 22, 2016
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By Shirley F. Moulton, Founder of The Academi of Life
A Place of Higher Learning  What is the value of achievement if we are unable to attain or maintain joy after having reached unimaginable success? How much of our education or scholarly research is applicable to passing the ‘tests’ we will be given throughout life, regarding career, money, family, creativity, love, work and living in joy? Most of us would agree it would be inappropriate to address such subjects in literature class or before a statistics exam, so where do these questions get addressed? The great thinker and Rhodes Scholar, E. F. Schumacher, believed that all through school and university we are given guidance about life and knowledge, and generally this guidance had little relevance to the things that people cared about or the way they conducted their lives—the way life is really lived. The ACADEMi of Life was founded to fulfill Schumacher’s observation … to provide the place for people to discuss the things they cared about and the things that mattered most in life that they were never taught in school. The ACADEMi of Life, a place of higher learning, is dedicated to providing insights and training that much traditional education lacks. They are engaged in what would be one of the least expensive classroom experiences available in New York City. What's different about the Academi, is that there are no right or wrong answers, no definitive paths to result or a definitive outcome, no interpretation of data that will deliver either a more
July 20, 2016
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By Dawn C. Moulton
I have a certain way of seeing people. I run them through my internal dialogue and out pops my perspective. There are times when my perspective stems from how I was brought up, my belief systems, or my experiences in life - things people do. Unfortunately, I also have to add insecurities to the list of the origination of my perspectives. When my perspective stems from my insecurities, get ready for totally delusional thought patterns where deductive reasoning, any reasoning at all, flies straight out the window. It's not something I want to readily admit, that the way I see things is clouded by my insecurities, or fears. I pride myself on being a rational person, one who values facts. But when I dig really deep, I realize what I see, my perception, is sometimes based on my baggage from whichever story of the month I am telling myself. And do I have baggage to shape my stories! So where should I start with insecurities that cloud my thinking/my perspective? Oh, I've got a big one. My parenting insecurity. Whatever happens with my child is filtered through my internal dialogue. Am I being a good parent? Am I doing it right? Am I going to mess up my child? That's the dialogue I have deep down. I am constantly agonizing about how I am doing as a parent. And if my perspective is not being shaped by my insecurities, I may take my preconceived notions for a spin. Where what I see, what I perceive, is preset. The story that runs in my head dictates what I see, dictates more

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