March 07, 2016
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By Dawn Moulton
Saying Goodbye To Guilt Recently, I have been having a conversation with myself about guilt. I recognize if I feel guilty that means I am sorry. Right? When I do something wrong and feel guilty about it, that shows remorse, a conscience. That's a good thing. Right? But, how sorry do I have to be? Do I have to be sorry, and sorry, and sorry and sorry some more for the same thing? How long do I have to feel guilty? What benefit does guilt serve after the initial feeling? Guilt reminds me of a car. Yes, a car. A car is new once. That's when we feel it’s so valuable. Feeling guilt initially, that's like a new car, it has all the bell and whistles of a needed lesson. When you drive a new car off the lot they say the value takes an immediate hit. Unlike guilt, a car serves some useful purpose after it's no longer new, it gets you from place to place. Guilt, however, after it's new, its return is so diminished, it diminishes self, it takes you no place useful. Old guilt is like a car stuck in the mud, tires spinning over and over in the same spot, serving no useful purpose but to trample what's underneath and dig you deeper into a hole. When I keep feeling sorry for the same thing, over and over again, it's like I reach inside my mind, my spirit (eventually my body) and attack myself. I don't know about you, but guilt can break me down, wear me out, make me feel unworthy, unloveable. It becomes my whipping post. It tries to hang on for dear life around my neck and more
February 13, 2016
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By Dawn Charmaine Moulton
It's February, so what else could this blog be about but love. Love. Love. I love love. I believe love will, can, conquer all. I believe love is the most powerful emotion of all. I believe, I believe, I believe, yet ... I am not sure I know what love is. Not the romantic love, love love, the love we should have for each other. Or, if you reserve love for certain people, then, the love we have for the people we say we love- family, friends. What is that exactly? If I love you, am I allowed to shout at you? If I love you, am I allowed to hit you- only if you are child? If I love you, can I have moments of hate for you? Can I can love and hate you at the same time? What is this thing called love? When I say I love someone, there is a feeling I want to have. The all mushy, I will walk through fire for you feeling. You know the feeling, the feeling you get when you watch a great romantic movie. Oh yes, 'Romeo where forth art thou.' Is this fantasy land? Oh but I digress, that's the romantic love I was trying not to talk about. Let me try another example. The, I will jump in front of a stray bullet for you feeling. Is love only an emotion? Or, is I love you something we say? We say I love you when we have the right feelings. How about the times when I feel, I love you, but not right now. Or, I love you- sometimes. Or, I love you but you better get out of my face, like right now! Or, I love you but I wish I were 5,000 miles away from you, and, if I were 5,000 miles more

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